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Our Realtor network is committed to supporting the NixonStrong Foundation!

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Our Realtor network is committed to supporting the NixonStrong Foundation!


Stand with us in support of

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How it Works

Hire a CARE Agent

If you are buying or selling a home, search our directory of top Realtors in your area and choose one that you trust!


When you sign with whichever agent you choose, mention that you want your agent’s donation made to The NixonStrong Foundation!

Donation Made at Closing

When your transaction closes, 25% of the agent’s commission will be donated to NixonStrong Foundation to help children battling cancer.


About NixonStrong Foundation

The NixonStrong Foundation was created to help children with cancer and their families. We are committed to making their lives better, through financial support, children’s lifelong wishes and prosthetics after surgery due to cancer. Cancer is so much for than a disease. It robs innocence at times and disrupts life for the child fighting cancer and those battling with them and to all those that are a part of it, from their families, friends and communities. These kids and their families need escapes and outs in their fight. We help provide this by granting kids their dream wishes and trips to escape the burden of cancer for a brief moment and provide an opportunity to make them smile with their families, friends and loved ones. It is our goal through our foundation to make an everlasting impact in helping children and their families in their fight and burden that cancer brings to all those impacted by it. There are many forms of cancers that children fight, Nixon has fought osteosarcoma which destroys and grows in the bones typically. Once this cancer has entered the bones then it has to be removed surgically. Nixon had part of this left femur removed and had to have a rotationplasty. Because of this he needed a prosthetic to be able to walk and run. This changed his life forever, but it didn’t stop him. We want to help those that have lost their limbs due to children’s cancer in obtaining and working with groups and organizations that can provide prosthetics so that they can return back to doing the actives that they love. We help in doing this by providing financial grants and assistance to those in this situation to get the help they need in order to do this when insurance and other financial means does not support their needs. The impact from foundations, people, our community and those who have filled Nixon with love and laughter even during his battle with cancer is something that has touched our hearts and changed us forever. We want to do the same for other children and families during their fight, and this was something Nixon wanted to make sure always happened.

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